Top 10 tips for ensuring you stay motivated whatever your New Year fitness goal

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I interviewed a local fitness trainer, Caroline Sellers from Legg Up and asked her how she motivates her clients, especially during the cold winter weather when we might prefer an extra half hour in bed.


  1. Break the goal into bite size chunks, small goals along the way to the bigger goal.
  2. Keep each chunk small, achievable and realistic. Imagine yourself achieving it.
  3. Set a date for the first one to be achieved. Put it in your diary or phone to remind yourself.
  4. Incorporate it into your daily routine like brushing your teeth or getting dressed. It is just as important.
  5. Push yourself just a little bit harder each day. When you think you can’t run any more, just add another 100 metres.
  6. Think about how great you’ll feel when you’ve done it. Picture yourself refreshed after your shower, sitting down with a cup of tea and feeling that you’ve done well.
  7. Notice your surroundings, get pleasure from where you are and what you’re doing right now – be fully present, notice reflections of lights, off the water, notice the trees and birds.
  8. Notice how much easier it is to move, how you are getting fitter each day and how you’re feeling more energized.
  9. You need to be puffed out after your exercise so as you breathe heavily and find it difficult to catch your breath give yourself a score out of 10 for your exertion with 10 being running away from a charging bull. Aim for 7/8 out of 10 and celebrate your hard work.
  10. Make sure you warm up before you exercise and stretch afterwards. Delight in how you are taking care of your body and improving your suppleness and performance.